Your very own track and trace...

Q-TRACK, Track & Trace is ready to use

Q-TRACK, have designed a form to support their clients to understand the exact reasons for employee absenteeism and mitigate risk of virus transmission.

In the current climate ensuring your workforce is protected is more important than ever before.

The form asks all the right questions to safeguard employees, your business and any risk of complete closure.

Q-TRACK, Track and Trace form is available now. Like Q-TRACK it is so easy to edit and share as needed with your workforce, with fully auditable, tracked reports.

The form will also support the return to work process. It is ready and waiting...sign up today for a free no obligation 30 day trial!

We trust this has been helpful and if you need any further advice, please contact us at HERE Or why not check out our 'Introduction to Online Forms?'

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