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Why We Created Q-TRACK

Q-TRACK recognises that all businesses have paper documents, which they process and need to manage. Generally they sit outside current systems or software, they end up being resource heavy, labour intensive, expensive, difficult to collate, creates GDPR and control risks and typically means it is difficult to use the information efficiently. 

This is why we created Q-TRACK, an online digital document creation software, which is extremely simple, cost effective and easy to use (without need to work in IT or understand code). It is truly unlike any other, expensive form building or survey platforms, without any hidden extras.

How To Use Q-TRACK

The possibilities with Q-TRACK are endless. Do you have any paper documents in your business...would you like to digitalise, track, collect, collate and manage them easily in one place? If the answer is yes then
Q-TRACK will help your business. With many templates available creating your own processes and forms digitally couldn’t be easier. Here is a few examples of how our clients use Q-TRACK:


Health & Safety, Medical Questionnaires & History, Food Safety, Absenteeism Management, Return to Work, General Visitor, Risk Assessments, Security, Event RSVP’s, Order Forms, Dietary Requirements/ Allergies and more...


Company Inductions, Vehicle Checklists, Job Pricing, Asset & Fleet management, Audits, General Compliance, PPE Supply / Requests, and more...


Job Applications, Memberships, HR Internal Staff Requests Holiday Requests, Personal Detail Changes and Event/ Class Booking Forms, and more...


Internal Staff Welfare, Management Help and Training Needs Analysis, Business / Customer Referral Schemes and Customer Satisfaction, and more...

So Easy To Use

The software is extremely easy to use, but why waste your time creating documents? Let the Q-TRACK team get you started for FREE! Send us an example document or process today and let us create them for you! Alternatively use our templates to create your own, you can copy and edit any the current forms in the system to create as many documents as you need. Once created, simply share your digital documents by SMS, email link, embed links on your website, display in your premises or add to documents using the URL or QR Codes.

Ready To Go Digital?

Create, Share, Track, Collect, Collate and Manage your forms today!

Environmentally Friendly

Help reduce the impact on the environment, cut energy use, climate change, pollution and waste, by only using your fair share of the earth’s resources.

Cost Savings

Synergistic savings derived from reducing resources and management time.

Safeguard Your Business

Ensures document control and full compliance to GDPR and all legislative standards.

Reduced Administration & Management Time

Responses are tracked, collated and auto filed for every form. A visible dashboard, document accessibility, with auto created XLS and PDF for every form.

Improve Efficiency & Profit

Manage data more efficiently than ever before and let your teams focus on key business activity instead of administration tasks.

How It Works


Use our Free Creation Services to get you started or choose one of our proven templates. You can edit these to suit your business in order to create your own. Once you have finished creating a document simply use the direct URL Link and OR QR Codes.


Embed URL links to your web site, with no need to change URL if you change the form. Share the link by SMS/ email or display QR Code’s in your business or on documents for completion via smart phone/ tablet.

Collect & Collate

Responses are tracked, collated and auto filed in the software to PDF and XLS for every form completed. This information is displayed on a dashboard for ease of visibility and action.

Manage Data

Full data accessibility provides easy export to XLS or download to PDF, this will enable you to capture and manage data easier than ever before.

Enhance Compliance

Q-TRACK ensures full compliance to GDPR and all legislative standards. All your forms and completions in one easy to manage location.

What Does It Cost?

Create as many templates in Q-TRACK for absolutely zero cost.


30 Day Trial
Free Plan
per month
per month
Form Templates
Form Completions / Documents Returned
Free Creation - Get You Started Service
Branded White Label Documents
Auto URL/ QR Code Creation
Dashboard Account Management with XLS and PDF Download
E-Signatures *
Upload/ Download of Documents into Forms *
Upload/ Download of Videos into Forms *
*Additional users above 3 on paid subscriptions will be charged at £10.00 per user per month

Not for Profit or Education will only pay £50 regardless of documents returned above the free plan. (*Additional User costs remain and all Enhanced Features* can be added at a cost £10.00).

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We Can Create Your Documents!

One of our team will take you through what our product can do for your business and create some documents to get you on your way.


‘Q-TRACK is far more efficient, compliant and cost effective compared to paper processes.  As a business we require accurate completion of forms, along with availability to the data for audit purposes, ensuring full compliance to GDPR.  
Q-TRACK has been fantastic for our business, it has significantly reduced the administration burden on our teams whilst reducing our costs in the process.’

David Segust
Compliance Director, First Call Contract Services

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