Why We Started Q-TRACK

The motivation behind starting Q-TRACK

The Q-TRACK team have experienced first hand the burden of data management and processing. Paper & process that were not environmentally friendly, resource and labour intensive, which had elements of control risk. This was the driving force behind doing something to assist businesses.

Finding the right software was challenging

The team had used many different systems and software packages, which failed to solve their challenges.

Aside the initial challenges, it was evident that managing data is expensive, difficult to collate, with little or no recourse to using it efficiently.

On searching for software to support their respective businesses they found, that some did parts of the process but were cumbersome and you needed to work on IT to operate them...sound familiar?

Q-TRACK was born

So this is where Q-TRACK was born, from their own experiences, listening to customers they developed an extremely simple, cost effective, easy to use platform (without need to work in IT or understand software code).  

Getting started is easy

Due the software's flexibility it helps clients from various sectors to solve their data needs. From surveys, questionnaires, check-lists and applications, it truly supports to reduce their environmental impact, cuts costs, ensures compliance and reduces workload, whilst improving efficiencies.

Value for money

The team have ensured the pricing point accommodates all sizes of business, charging for usage and not high licence fees. There is the option to sign up to a free 30 day trial, no card details needed...and the Q-TRACK team will help by creating a few of your own forms or processes for you.

Why not start reducing resources, remove wasted management time, cut hidden costs, improve efficiency and safeguard your business today?

We hope this has been helpful and if you need any further advice or would like to enquire about our services please contact us at HERE

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