Top Tips to Create Effective Surveys or Questionnaires

Let’s discuss our top 5 tips for creating effective surveys or questionnaires.

When creating surveys or questionnaires we often see the same common mistakes made, but not to worry, as we all make them. Our Top 5 Tips will help you.

1. Keep it clear and simple:

You don’t need every item of detail...ask yourself, so what do I really want to know? Break surveys or questions into sections with each question in separate components for complete clarity. Ensure the basic question is no more than one sentence. Build the form answers so that they are intuitive and need as little thought as possible to answer.

2. Try not to have more than 5 questions per section:

When someone looks to complete a survey or questionnaire,sometimes for little personal reward they want to do so quickly.

3. Keep it short:

Less is more and will lead to an increase in response success. User experience must come first, all the way through ask yourself, so what…what do I need to know or want as an end result.

4. Think if a question is required or should include ‘opt-out’:

Once you’re finished writing the survey or questionnaire, check if a question needs to be answered. If it doesn’t then make it a non-required field or add an opt-out question answer, such as None of the above, or Other,’ It is better to get an answer of some description than nothing at all.

5. The most important thing of all!

Don’t appear commanding or feel the need to follow routine survey or questionnaire type language, use words that fit with your business, culture and that of your audience. The more comfortable people feel, the clearer the questions, then the higher your response rates will be.

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