Intro to Online Forms

Where to start with online forms

The market place is inundated with a variety of different online form builders available, it can be hard to know which one to choose, believe me the Q-TRACK team have experienced it first hand.

During development and testing it was quickly evident that their product would remove a number of data management challenges and almost left them thinking, how do we promote such a flexible product to our clients...

So their team agreed on two things:

1. They should provide clients the option to have their processes or forms created for them.

2. A free 30 day trial with a demo should be incorporated to let clients find their own benefit from Q-TRACK.

This would let anyone who wants to see the full benefits on an unlimited plan test drive the system without wasting any time.

Clients are experiencing considerable savings along with similar values in new revenues created, which we will talk more about in our future post 'savings & revenues from Q-TRACK. For now let’s answer a few simple questions everyone has when looking for software:

Let's explore a few questions

Q - Is there a free option, will it let me do everything I need and should I invest in a paid software plan?

In today’s climate capturing data is critical to business success and with on-line forms being such an important part of the things we take for granted, such as website forms / links, you really want to be sure to choose the right one.

Any form software you choose needs to make things easy but but do everything that email, spreadsheet or bit of paper did.

There are many reviews of form building software suggesting suitability depends on the type of business it is for, however, this is not necessarily true.

At Q-TRACK we have developed our software from a business user point of view, with the aim at focusing on 4 key elements:

Simplicity: Building an online form needs to be simple and should be achievable in minutes, not hours.

Flexibility: The ability to make various types of forms, whether that be surveys, questionnaires, checklists and applications, without any restrictions and if you wish to be able to combine these into one form.

Features: Forms created to be easy to share, track, collate, which, provide full reporting and a branded, seamless customer experience.

Cost Effective: A transparent easy to understand pricing plan at point enquiry (on a web site), with free trial period that comes with no restrictions to allow for full testing. This should include reasonable costs to purchase the full paid service plan at the end of the trial with no obligation to do so.

So in answer to the question.... a free form software will inevitably do a job, but will not be as encompassing or deliver most of the elements of a paid for service. It will not have all the benefits and key features to provide a business with the tools for great customer experience or excellent data management use. We recommend trialing software that is easy to use and affordable. Make sure you can find the company's pricing plan and understand it before jumping in!

So how will it help me

Q-TRACK has many pre-loaded templates, however, due to the flexibility you’ll find it easy and have fun creating your own in minutes.

This will enable you to determine the exact outcomes for your business.

If you have documents or data that need completing, tracking, collecting, collating and managing, then Q-TRACK will help your business. With many templates available creating your own processes and forms couldn’t be easier. Below is some examples:

Questionnaires: COVID-19 (with table service link back), Absenteeism Management, Return to Work, General Visitor, Health & Safety, Medical History, Food Safety, Risk Assessments, Security, Event RSVP’s-Menu Orders, Dietary Requirements/ Allergies and even First Round of Drinks Orders-on arrival.

Checklists: Menu’s, Job Pricing, General Compliance, PPE Supply/ Requests, Audits, Asset and fleet management.

Applications: Job Applications, Memberships, HR Internal Staff Requests, Holiday Requests, Personal & Bank Detail Changes and Event/ Class Booking Forms.

Surveys: Business / Customer Referral Schemes, Customer Satisfaction, Internal Staff Welfare, Management Help and Training Needs Analysis.

There are no doubt many more uses, essentially anything that has a data trail, even if you believe it is digital - such as an email will need managing and be supported by a simple, quick online form.

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