Start 2023 as you mean to go on...

We are proud to share the benefits of Q-TRACK, and what one of our customers achieved by replacing paper forms;

- Reduced carbon footprint - saving 2.6M pages of paper

- Saved 28,000 man-hours

- £395,000 in costs saved

The challenge is that no one really likes change, or has time in today's climate, so getting customers to take five minutes today to achieve the thousands of hours in savings tomorrow is tough. We are all just so busy to review something that doesn’t seem like it’ll make much difference and we get it, time is precious. That’s just one of the reasons we created Q-TRACK.

The Wow Moment, tell me more...

It’s not until our customers uptake a trial that they realise the 'Wow moment’ like, I can use Q-TRACK for this, that, oh and also that…This will save us so much time and resources. At this stage money doesn’t come into it, but it’s when they realise the savings benefits, that this really hits home…like’ and wow, now we have saved £395,000 this year, we didn’t expect anywhere near that.’

No one likes change but, but you don't need to do anything, it's so simple, no integration is needed, there is no need for any IT teams or coding.

So, do you want a trial? Or want to know more then read on…

Q-TRACK software enables the simple creation of any form, creating unique QR and URL link for each, making sharing quick and easy. Every form completed is encrypted, fully GDPR compliant, generating a PDF and spreadsheet, with all answers ready to use, making data collation, analysis accessible.

Shall we start replacing some of your forms together?

Then reach out for our FREE TRIAL and or a DEMO. Our team will create a few for you to get you started to see how easy it really is! Contact us at HERE

Start saving your business time, resources and money, whilst making your forms timeless (no code changes online you just make the change and it is live on your website) and better still it is so easy to do.

Thanks for reading and the Q-TRACK TEAM look forward to hearing from you.

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